Here at Caring Creatures LLC. and Hemp Buddy LLC. our mission is to grow as a team organically to become one of the high quality cornerstones of the Hemp industry. To create and provide the best and purest products and to help people become the best versions of themselves with cure. 


We try nurture and create a self sustainable ecosystem that can support an organic grow process that is healthy and natural. We are not here to make a quick buck. We are here to support the environment, the hemp world, and other small business' through multiple collaborative efforts with other like-minded industry people. By like-minded we mean they are of a highly ethical, strong moral fiber and are not not just in it for the profit but for the love of this fantastic world of HEMP & CBD. 

As long as we stay united we can grow and develop and succeed in this field, but if we get greedy the large corporations and big pharma will come together and take us down. This is our opportunity as small business owners to support each other and grow together and fight for our rights as citizens of a free world and United States of America. We are here to apply salve to the system to ease everyones stress ...


We are here to stay ......   


Nate L.

Professional Weight


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